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Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, just because the majority of people oppose the carbon tax doesn’t mean everyone can’t see the benefits of reducing the carbon footprint of our homes. From the financial benefits to environmental benefits, it’s a great idea to update your home to be more eco-friendly. Here are some ways that you can update your…

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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Pro to Build Your Deck

Everyone in Saskatoon knows that our summer’s are precious…and limited. We eagerly anticipate every spring when the snow starts to melt, the first pelican is spotted at the weir and the indistinguishable smell of cow manure hits you as you drive by the University of Saskatchewan. That’s when you know spring has officially arrived in…

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6 Reasons To Finish Your Basement in Saskatoon

What’s waiting in your unfinished basement? No, it’s not one of the “ghosts” of Saskatoon. It’s the potential for under-utilized, valuable real estate! When you think of a finished basement, I hope you are no longer reminded of dark, faux-wood-paneled spaces with Grandma’s old furniture. Homeowners are now utilizing the basement to expand the living…

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Building Women Up – Empowering Women In Their Homes

Join us for a fun, interactive event for women at the amazing new Greystone Co-op Home Centre. Co-op partnered up with and Saskatoon’s finest women in trades where they’ll demonstrate everything you need to know about your home. We will cover it all from the plumbing to the electrical and everything in between. Our…

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K9 Cribs Dog House Building Fundraiser

Kijenga is thrilled to partner up with the Saskatoon SPCA for the first ever K9 Cribs Dog House Building Fundraiser! We have teamed up with reputable contractors in the City of Saskatoon to build custom dog houses for our furry friends! These one-of-a-kind dog houses are being displayed Lawson Heights Mall from March 5th to 21st and Gardenscape…

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Concrete Driveways in Saskatoon – Get It Done Right

When homeowners in Saskatoon build a new driveway or revamp an existing one, many turn to concrete. It’s not just the boring, old gray stuff anymore. Concrete is the one material that does it all. It’s durable, looks great, and is easy to maintain. Innovative companies like Old North Concreteworks are taking it to a…

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bathroom countertop
Choosing the Countertop That Is Right For You

With so many popular countertops to choose from for your kitchen or bathroom, weighing the pros and cons of each is recommended if you want to find the one that is right for your home in Saskatoon. Before you make your final decision, consider your preferences for aesthetics and function. Choose the best material for…

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Find The Best Contractors in Saskatoon with a Detailed Project Description

Do you want the best home professionals in Saskatoon submitting bids for your project? When planning a major renovation project whether it’s revamping your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, you will want to consult with multiple contractors. The general rule of thumb is to get 2-4 quotes for your project to ensure you’re well educated…

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Pet damage to your home - dog on couch
Tips on How to Repair Pet Damage in Our Homes

We Saskatchewanians sure love our pets. But really, who doesn’t? They’re cute, cuddly, and they make our lives happier and ultimately more whole. However, pets can do some real damage to any home. From the time you first brought Benji the dog home, he has probably left his mark everywhere in the form of scratches, stains,…

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Kitchen renovation project modern
Steps to Ensure You Have a Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel

Let’s face it, your kitchen is one of the most used and loved rooms in your entire home and it makes perfect sense that you would want to invest in making it beautiful and functional. Many homeowners in Saskatoon dream about remodeling their kitchen one day and fantasizing all of the cool features they would want in…

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