Easy Home Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank

Brown chair with clean home decor that won't break your bank.

Home improvement projects are daunting, not only because of the stress they cause but because they are also quite costly most of the time. With the downturn of the economy in Saskatoon, there are a lot of homeowners that love the idea of upgrading one or two rooms in their house, but then they take a hard look at their finances and question whether or not they can afford it.

More and more homeowners are looking to remodel their bathroom(s), revamp their kitchen, make more space by developing their basement or simply looking to fix a few odds and ends.

When it comes to home improvement projects and renovations, you just have to make smart decisions. Listed below are some budget-friendly tips so that you can tackle those home projects without breaking the bank.

Be Bright about Light

Good lighting can make a huge difference in your interiors. A perfectly designed home that is improperly lit will never be able to achieve its full aesthetic potential. With that said, being smart with your lighting doesn’t have to be this big scary thing. Consider planning with the future in mind. LED lighting, although a tad bit pricier than other lighting options, consumes less energy. Especially for lights you use on a regular basis (living room, kitchen), the money you save on electricity costs would make up for the higher price tag. Here is some valuable information from SaskPower.


Be intelligent about making the wiring for your lights flexible. Even though you’re happy with the accent pendant light that illuminates your dining room, it would be wise to let the electrician prepare the ceiling for any recessed pin lights that you might decide to install in the future.

Two (or More) in One

Utilizing furniture and design features that serve more than one function not only saves you money, it create more floor space for you. Utilizing storage ottomans will provide you with both a stylish seating option and a space to store toys and books. For some homeowners, purchasing beds with storage space underneath is a great option. There is a plethora of smart furniture options for you to choose from and all you need to do to make them work for your own home is to keep an open-mind and a have a keen eye for style. There are lots of unique furniture and home decor stores in Saskatoon where you can find the perfect piece for you and your space.

multi use furniture

Bring in the Colour

People often underestimate the power of intelligently-planned colour palettes. The generous use of white undoubtedly brightens up a room but other colours work just as well and even add a little flair. You can go with a tan, beige, and warm browns for a very comfortable look and feel. If you want the room to be a little on the edgy side, use bright accent colours that pop. Neon greens, navy blues, and bright magentas do wonders to a room. Endless possibilities open up when you consider just re-painting a space. It’s an affordable design solution that has the potential to totally change your perspective on a room.

Give Faux a Chance

Think out of the box. Smart homeowners really put some thought into figuring out the individual qualities in design elements that they like and replicate those qualities with more affordable materials and building methods. Brick walls are undoubtedly charming, but having one installed is sometimes not feasible or affordable. Options such as brick veneer or even brick wallpaper can be more doable and budget-friendly than real brick. Wood flooring is also a popular design choice. However, the intricacies behind installing solid wood flooring and the maintenance of such design features can sometimes be overwhelming. Faux wood porcelain tiles or wood vinyl flooring could be better alternatives.


Do-It-Yourself (when it makes sense)

For the closet craftsmen out there, consider foregoing store-bought items for things you could create yourself. It might seem daunting at first, but the fulfillment one gets from creating something for their home (not to mention the costs sometimes saved) are well worth the initial apprehension. Learning and trying to do home upgrades yourself also serve to broaden your knowledge about home improvement.

Rustic Charm

A growing movement nowadays is the popularity of raw, unfinished aesthetics. If done right, these types of designs prove to be incomparably beautiful and unique. In many cases, these “unfinished” looks serve to be even better than more expensive alternatives. Raw concrete walls have been all the rage nowadays, and the vintage industrial style is making a big comeback. Consider industrial style furniture and surface finishes and you will find that oftentimes, less is more.

Go Green

Recent studies have proven that ornamental plant-life increases happiness and productivity. Although this research was conducted in an office setting, the same holds true for residential spaces as well. The smart use of plants serves to liven up a place, bring in some fresh air into the house, and really improve the quality of life in a space. They need don’t have to be expensive or high-end. Find something that works within your budget and just them them intelligently.

green plants as home decor

In the end, it’s all about understanding how you want your home to look and feel and making smart decisions to get you there. There are often many alternatives in all aspects of home design and improvement projects. Professional designers, when faced with difficult design choices, always make it a point to go back to asking themselves “why?”

Why do we need recessed ceiling lighting? Perhaps a well-placed centre light might do the trick? Why must I insist on polished marble floor tiles? Maybe using porcelain floor tiles will have the same effect?

Once you get to the root of what you want in your home, you start to see the bare bone spirit of the spaces you have in front of you. The more you understand what your house needs, the better (and more affordable) your home improvement decisions will be.

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