Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance Guide for May


Weather in May can be hit or miss in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan but it shouldn’t hold us back from getting done our spring cleaning!

For homeowners, now is the ideal time to get motivated to do some work on your property. Spring cleaning is more than just throwing open the windows to let in the fresh air or sweeping out the dust from all the construction going on around you.

This warm Saskatoon weather means you can do some serious cleaning to both the interior and exterior of your home. However, spring cleaning doesn’t mean that you need to tackle all this work on your own. Some projects may require a home professional to get the tasks done correctly and safely. Not only that but time is money and so do what you love to do and leave the rest to the pros.

Here is a quick guide to some home maintenance projects that are ideal to get done this spring.

Exterior Cleaning

A professional pressure washing service can clean the exterior of your home. Moss and algae may have built up on you exterior siding, gutters, roof, patio, walkways and driveways. Not only are they not appealing to look at but keeping all these areas clean ensures that the materials stay in good shape. Check out this deal for $75 off in Saskatoon!

House Cleaning

Surely you’ve kept the house clean year-round with the usual housecleaning tasks. However, for the bigger cleaning projects, it is ideal to hire a home professional who can do a deep clean on your carpets, upholstery and drapery. You may even want to hire a professional cleaning service who are equipped to handle chemicals and equipment needed to thoroughly clean bathroom stains like rust and hard water residue. Check out all these cleaning deals found on the Kijenga Marketplace.


Take your spring cleaning a step further by addressing some areas that may require some repair. Because the Saskatoon weather is ideal for exterior repairs, now is the best time to hire a home professional to mend a broken fence or repair your deck. Getting someone skilled to do these tasks ensures you quality work and safety. Browse handyman deals on the marketplace!


The winter weather may have left your yard in a sorry state. Hire a landscaping service who will clean up the debris from the garden beds and lay down new sod. Professional landscapers can deliver large quantities of mulch or gravel and get your yard spring and summer-ready.

May is also the best time to bring in additions to your yard. Bring in new planters and garden beds for spring and summer plants. You may even want to add a new pathway leading to your yard.

So take advantage of the weather and work together with a home professional to get your spring cleaning, property maintenance, and improvement projects underway. You won’t regret hiring a service to tackle the more demanding cleaning projects especially if they require heavy lifting and the use of equipment that only someone skilled can operate.

For projects that you require a few quotes, post them now! To find sweet deals from reputable handymen to house cleaners, shop our online marketplace in Saskatoon and find the perfect voucher for you!


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