Rebuild vs. Resurface: Breathing New Life into Your Old Deck


With Saskatoon winters reaching temperatures of below freezing and the wet season lasting 124 days of the year on average, it’s no wonder why your deck has taken quite a beating over the seasons and the years.

And beyond the weather, your deck, whether wood or composite, has seen lots of traffic from active kids, frisky pets, and welcomed guests who all equally love spending time out there laughing or lazing around on a warm summer day.

You wouldn’t trade the wonderful memories for anything. However, now you are left with a deck that is weathered and not exactly appealing to look at anymore. Not only is it no longer as beautiful as it once was, you fear that it may not even be safe to stand on anymore. Deck repair services is actually one of the most sought after services in Saskatoon throughout the summer season.

Depending on the condition of your deck, you’ll have two options – rebuild or resurface. How do you know which is the right solution for your home?

Why You Should Rebuild

For those who have plenty of time and money, the first instinct is to rebuild the deck completely. And there are those who assume they have the time to choose between rebuilding or resurfacing when the reality is, rebuilding is the only option.

If your deck’s structure is unsound and a disaster waiting to happen, then you must rebuild immediately. Wooden decks will naturally decay over time because of the weather and climate. They are prone to rotting, mold, carpenter ants, termites and so much more.

Starting over with a new deck can be costly, but it does have its upsides. Not only do you have the opportunity to start fresh and have complete freedom in designing an entirely new deck, but you have the option to choose better quality materials like steel that is guaranteed to last much longer than the old wooden deck – a lifetime, in fact.

Why You Should Resurface

Rebuilding a deck can be considered a major renovation and one that you’re just not prepared for both financially and time-wise.

Resurfacing an old deck which has a solid substructure and framing will still result in a beautiful deck that feels brand new. Despite following the same lines and foundation, you can dramatically change the aesthetics with your choice of color and other elements. You may even want to swap out the deck railing to something more modern.

Compared to tearing out the old deck and rebuilding, resurfacing means huge savings. A contractor would be able to assess your existing deck’s substructure and framing to tell you if you absolutely must rebuild or if resurfacing is advisable. Getting a quote from more than one deck contractor in Saskatoon would be ideal in this case.

Ultimately, whether you decide to start over altogether or put some extra love in your old one, you’ll still get the look and feel of a new deck that you and your family will love through many years of fun outdoor barbecues or lazy days of lounging.

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