7 Landscaping Strategies to Follow For the Perfect Design Plan

Landscaped yard with path, sod, trees and shrubs

Are you one of those Saskatoon homeowners who randomly collects plants and has no real design plan when it comes to their arrangement?

You wouldn’t be the first. However, without a method for the placement of your shrubs and flowerbeds, not only does your front yard lack the cohesion that makes good landscaping attractive but you also risk liabilities that could cause you frustration in the future.

Plants have different optimal growing conditions and not taking the time to get to know their needs or the soil, weather, and light conditions of your site could mean that some of your plants will not fulfill their potential.

Having a design plan will result in a cohesive landscape that is not only beautiful but will last longer. Here are 7 strategies to follow to achieve a smart landscape design.


  1. Be Prepared with Equipment Access

You should recognize from the very start that a time will come when you will need to do some repairs or have projects that require the use of equipment. This means having access to everything from a hedge trimmer to a lawn mower or even a chainsaw. If you don’t have what you need, you can always check out The Rent-It Store in Saskatoon.


  1. Start With Focal Points and Maintain Them

Whether your focal point occurred naturally or was intentionally placed, it can be an asset to your landscape and draw positive attention to your garden. Your focal point will force your viewer’s perspective towards a particular location. It could be a specimen tree, a fountain or a colorful flower bed.


  1. Don’t Overdo Curves

Curves, when incorporated in moderation, can add movement and structure to your landscape design. The aim should be to have continuous flowing lines that use the circumferences of adjacent circles and ellipses.


  1. Create and Invite Movement

Breathe life into your garden by adding elements that summon movement. Long grasses, wind chimes, and hanging ornaments that wave and sway in the wind add a touch of whimsy to your landscape. Consider planting flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


  1. Soften the Edges of Your House

It’s amazing how strategic placement of plants can add appealing accents to even the simplest of homes. Thoughtful designs such as a walkway or decorative flowers can accentuate any home.


  1. “Right Plant, Right Spot” Mantra

It’s understandable why you’re tempted to bring home a new plant with every visit to the nursery even if you’re just there for supplies. However, remember that plants grow at different rates and bringing home a plant that doesn’t fit into your existing design plan may cost you in the future.

When designing your garden, always take into consideration what each plant’s size at maturity will be, the rate at which it will grow and how much pruning and maintenance it will demand. Also be mindful of their placement beside other plants and outdoor furniture.


  1. Discover New Possibilities

Saskatoon is home to many nurseries and garden centers filled with beautiful choices of plants and accessories. Paying one a visit can inspire you to go beyond what you assumed were the limits of what your existing garden could offer.

Here is a little list to help you with your search in Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.

You may even want to invite an experienced landscaping service to assess the state of your garden and have them create a detailed landscape design for you that fulfills its natural lifespan which will bring you and your family many years of delight. Check out our Kijenga Marketplace for great offers from Panoramic Landscape Design. You can get anything from a one hour consultation to a complete consult and design which includes:

  • One hour consultation with a professional landscape designer to provide inspiration and suggest ideas for your yard.
  • Includes front and back yard design.
  • Measurements of site plan. Please supply RPR (real property report) if available.
  • Presentation of the first concept plan and you as the client will suggest revisions of your preference.
  • Presentation of final plan with 3D Renderings; full plant list and all materials identified.
  • Client provided with 2 printed scaled final drawings and a scaled digital copy.

Best of luck with your project and if there is anything we can help you with, give us a ring at 1-844-KIJENGA.


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