Guide to Keeping Your Plumbing Project on Schedule

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Over time, the pipes in your house will gradually corrode, rust, and decay. Your plumbing will eventually get leaks and could potentially cause a flood of water or worse, raw sewage that will cause thousands of dollars in damage to your beautiful home.

There are small plumbing fixes that can be completed in a day or two. However, complex plumbing projects like removing lead or polybutylene pipes or replacing deteriorating pipes will require planning and the skills of a licensed plumber. If your looking for a great plumber in Saskatoon, look no further than Marz Plumbing and you can check out her great offers on the Kijenga Marketplace.

Only a licensed plumber has completed the required government tests and regularly undergoes re-certification testing. This ensures you that they’re competent enough to tackle any plumbing issue and are updated on the building codes in your area. And only a licensed Saskatoon plumber can apply for any of the building permits that your project requires.

Here are the factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your plumbing project goes smoothly.



The costs of your plumbing project will depend on what needs repair, renovation, and replacement. Many plumbers will charge an hourly labor rate. Inviting a plumber for an in-home estimate is the best way for you to get the most accurate quote and gauge if your budget is appropriate for your plumbing schedule.

The costs of your plumbing project can range significantly depending on the type of project. Small projects like repairing a toilet, replacing a sink or other bathroom fixtures are jobs that will only cost a few hundred dollars and may be finished in a day.



Fixtures may impact your timeline as they need to be purchased and so do their correlating piping. Communicate with your plumbing contractor regarding any materials that need purchasing so that you can ensure you stay on schedule.



You might be considering scheduling your plumbing project around the holidays because it means you have more time to oversee the renovation. However, everyone else may have the same thought, and while your plumber may be able to squeeze you into their busy holiday schedule, the job may be rushed.

And while you cannot predict when you will have a plumbing disaster, it is also best to put off any plumbing projects that can wait until after the coldest time of the year. During the Winter, Saskatoon plumbers are likely getting plenty of calls about frozen pipes.



A plumbing permit is required whenever a plumbing system is being constructed, changed, renewed or repaired. The City of Saskatoon states that “plumbing installations are governed by the Saskatchewan Plumbing Regulations, as adopted and enforced by the Building Standards Plumbing Inspectors.”

To obtain a permit, only a licensed plumbing contractor registered with the City of Saskatoon can submit a Plumbing Permit Application to Building Standards. Inspections are then carried out, with a final inspection required before the new system can be put into service.


Project Timeline

Plan your timeline in advance if you want to ensure that your project stays on track. You and your plumber need to agree on your expectations for completion. The timeline should be included in the contract you both have signed.

The timeline should include any work that needs to be done first like unclogging sinks and toilets or other plumbing jobs that are minor.

Keeping your plumbing project on schedule is ideal, but there are all sorts of mishaps that may occur that could throw it off course. Be prepared and keep a level head. If you follow this guide, you will be in a better position to see that your plumbing project is completed on time.

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