Steps to Ensure You Have a Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel

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Let’s face it, your kitchen is one of the most used and loved rooms in your entire home and it makes perfect sense that you would want to invest in making it beautiful and functional. Many homeowners in Saskatoon dream about remodeling their kitchen one day and fantasizing all of the cool features they would want in their ultimate kitchen.

However, many homeowners hesitate to get started because they think of it as a huge project that requires a lot of preparation and planning. While all this is true, many find that all the time and effort is well worth it once they have a gorgeous new kitchen to enjoy.

Here is a guide of the steps you need to take towards ensuring your kitchen remodel is stress-free.


The Right Contractor

This is where Kijenga can play a key role in your kitchen renovation project. 89% of homeowners in Saskatoon are frustrated with the process of finding and hiring contractors. We make it easy as pie with our online matchmaking service for Saskatoon and surrounding areas. Simply post your project. Our project coordinator will contact you to finalize some details before matching you with certified and reputable contractors that specialize in kitchen renovations. We make sure all our contractors have liability insurance, WCB, a valid business license, GST number and references. We do the homework for you. Once we connect you to our verified pros, they provide quotes on your project and voila. We help you from posting your project details to making the hire and it’s all done from the comfort of your own home. Simply post your project for free and let’s get things started on the right foot.


The Perfect Design

Maybe you’ve put a lot of thought into the design of your kitchen; maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, an experienced contractor will also be able to help you discover your desired aesthetic as well as make recommendations based on your kitchen’s existing shape, space, and potential. Let us help you. Check out this awesome offer from Krawchuk Construction in Saskatoon. It includes a 2 hour in-home consultation with an experienced and professional contractor to discuss your project. Together you will customize a plan with a detailed project budget and report tailored for your bathroom renovation. You will receive professional 2D and 3D drawings and blueprints to give you a visual representation of your project. It’s truly the best place to start when planning your kitchen remodel.


A Prepared Budget

If you have, in fact, put a lot of thought into your kitchen remodel design, you should have a budget prepared. Your contractor will tell you if your desired specifications will work with the amount of money you are willing to spend. Remember that materials and appliances are significant factors in determining the overall costs of your kitchen remodel.

If you need help planning out your kitchen renovation, it’s best to consult with an expert. As mentioned above, we have a great starter package on our online marketplace. Check it out. 


Detailed Estimates

It is recommended that you request quotes from at least 3 contractors when planning your kitchen remodel. Recognize that whoever bids the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best company for the job. They might be but do your due diligence. They may be cutting corners or using low-quality materials. This is why you should always ask for a detailed estimate that breaks down all the costs from materials to labour. The estimate should also include the payment schedule and project timeline. Although at Kijenga we certify and verify all our contractor members, it’s best to figure out which contractor is best for you and your project. Once we connect you with these kitchen renovation contractors in Saskatoon, make sure you ask the right questions and leave enough time for them to come by and provide a detailed estimate on the project.

In your first meeting with each contractor, don’t be hesitant to ask for their expected payment schedule and process, how long they have worked with their subcontractors, and a predicted timeline for the project.


The Written Contract

Once you have accepted a contractor’s bid for your kitchen remodel project, a written contract should be signed by both parties, and it should clearly state the following:

  • Project description
  • Details of materials used including costs and warranty
  • Permit information
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Lien waiver for subcontractors
  • Payment schedule
  • Contractor’s license number
  • Both of your addresses

Get it in writing!

Before your project starts, remember to prepare the site by moving aside all of the things you’ll need while the construction is ongoing. Plates, kitchen utensils, and other items you use frequently should be moved to another area. Consider transferring your microwave too so you and your family can still use it while the remodeling crew does work in your kitchen.

While a kitchen remodel is considered a major project, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. If you find a contractor that you can trust, you’ll find the process enjoyable as you witness your kitchen transform as the work progresses.




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