6 Reasons To Finish Your Basement in Saskatoon


What’s waiting in your unfinished basement? No, it’s not one of the “ghosts” of Saskatoon. It’s the potential for under-utilized, valuable real estate!

When you think of a finished basement, I hope you are no longer reminded of dark, faux-wood-paneled spaces with Grandma’s old furniture. Homeowners are now utilizing the basement to expand the living space, functionality and comfort of their home – all with the potential for added value! So why wait? Here are the top 6 reasons to hire a Kijenga certified renovation specialist to finish your basement!

#1 Beat the Heat (and cold)
Saskatoon weather can fluctuate from +30 degrees to -30 degrees within the same year. For those that are greatly affected by extreme temperatures, comfort and sleep can be hard to manage. Having a quality basement renovation will allow you to have a space that keeps you from overheating in the summer while keeping you warm and cozy in the winter.

#2 Kids Only!
The basement can be a perfect place for kids to let out their energy! With many homes having an open-concept, it can be harder to aesthetically manage toys. It’s also nice to have a separate area for adults to entertain while the kids can let loose, be loud and play. With our long winters in Saskatoon, having a separate place to play for kids can help manage cabin fever!

#3 Guest Space
Sick of using a blow up bed in your living room for guests? I’m sure they are too! Having a special bedroom for guests can reduce stress for everyone. The extra bedroom will give your guests more comfort and privacy while keeping your living room open for socializing! This space also has potential to be used for visiting adult-children, billets or exchange students.

#4 Recreation Space
A recreational space in your basement can be used for many things. Many people utilize their basements as an added living room with couches and a TV. (Now Dad isn’t forced to watch the Kardashian’s anymore – bonus!)

A recreation space can also increase room for entertaining, which is great if you love hosting family for seasonal events. Maybe you want to build a home theatre, a gym or an office. Blizzard today? That’s ok, just head down to the basement!

#5 Storage
Even though it’s a constant battle to reduce the amount of “stuff” we have, there will always be “stuff”. Utilizing the basement for storage can help to keep your other living spaces clutter-free and stress-free. A storage space doesn’t need to take up the whole basement, which can leave the rest of it open for fun!

#6 Income
There is always the potential for extra income if you are able to use all or part of your basement for a suite. With mortgage rules tightening and interest rates predicted to continue to rise, added income is a definite benefit to homeownership these days!

A finished basement has so much to offer and can be made to suit your families needs. The result is always an inviting, practical space that your family can enjoy!

Post your project today on Kijenga.com and get free quotes on finishing your basement by Saskatoon’s certified renovation specialists.


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