Contractor Lingo 101 – Communicating With Your Contractor


If you’re not up to speed on the lingo, you’re missing half the conversation. You may know this from talking and texting with your teenage children these days.  When you are getting quotes or having work done in your house you want to ensure you know what your contractor is talking about. Here are a few key words which are good to know:

Mud – Not referring to what pigs or 2 year olds enjoy playing in. Mud is any type of plaster, spackle, stucco, concrete or semi-liquid mixture. It is used to coat foundations, ceilings, walls or other related surfaces.

Stud – Sorry ladies, this isn’t what you think. Stud’s are fundamental in framing a building. They are vertical framing members that, can be made of metal or wood, are usually spaced between 16 or 24 inches and are used to assemble walls.

Change Order – Boring but important! Change orders are signed document that authorizes the contractor to make a change or addition to the work detailed in the original contract. Any changes in cost should be reflected on the change order.

Fascia – Am I the only one who gets soffit and fascia confused all the time? Fascia is the exposed horizontal band you see at the edge of your roof. It plays a functional role in that it protects the home’s underlying structure. It also plays a part in enhancing your curb appeal

Soffit – The soffit of your house is the underside of an arch, balcony or overhanging eaves. Soffits provide ventilation to the roof and also protect rafters from outdoor elements.

Jamb – Does not go in a sandwich. Jamb refers to the moulding around the frame of a window. “Side Jambs” are vertical while “Head Jambs” are horizontal.

Toenailing – Sounds painful! Toenailing is when you connect two framing pieces together by nailing at an angle.

Retrofit – Not Richard Simmons workout video from the 80’s. Retrofitting is installing new parts to a pre-existing fixture in order to give it an upgrade.

There you have it. A few words to throw out when you talk to someone handy.

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