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June 2018


Free Renovation Checklist

We make renovations fun by ensuring you find the best contractor for your home. Once you find a reputable pro that is licensed and insured, any hiccups that come along are just bumps in the road along your journey to a better home. In this guide, we help you set goals and budgets, we identify your must-haves, offer tips and tricks, and provide expert advice from industry professionals. Plan your renovation project and use this checklist as a starting point.



2018 Renovation Guide

Major renovation projects are usually once-in-a-lifetime and should thus demand the same attention to detail and planning of a wedding. Start your renovation off on the right foot by downloading this renovation guide we put together just for you.

In planning a major overhaul to your home, you must plan out every detail while putting together a meticulous budget and anticipating the pros and cons of each decision you make. Once you have a plan, it’s all about the execution. We created a guide to help you through it all.

Our mission is to match homeowners with certified and reputable contractors for their home improvement projects and ensure a seamless renovation, from beginning to end. We strive to connect with the best contractors in Saskatoon and area.

Start your renovation project with Kijenga. Reading through this guide will ensure you live happily ever after in your new and improved home!



Basement Development Price Guide

As the home renovation experts, Kijenga wants to help you save time, money and frustration by matching you with certified and reputable contractors you can trust. We created this basement development guide to stop the procrastination and help you get your project done right the first time! We help guide you through your project, from beginning to end. This free guide is packed with average pricing, expected costs, trends in Saskatoon and tips & tricks from experts in the industry.



Top 3 Renovation Myths

Planning a home renovation project soon? Make sure you take a look at these 3 renovation myths before you do anything!


Myth: Buying my own materials will save me money

Sure, sometimes items you find on your own cost less, but getting materials through your contractor may end up saving you money in the end. One of the reasons is product defects. If you find a defect in a product you purchased after it’s been installed, you will be charged for the contractor to come and remove the defective product and install the replacement product. Contractors who purchase the materials themselves will come and replace it at no charge.

Contractors get preferred pricing with their suppliers – this can mean cost savings for you. It’s important to keep in mind that there may be a difference in quality of materials from what you find compared to a contractor’s supplier.

Consider your contractor an expert. A tiler, for example, is going to know which tile would work best for your needs and will know if the product is defective or not. If you want to ensure your work is done right and has warranty, consider having your contractor supply the major materials for your project!


Myth: I don’t need a permit for my minor renovation

Permits in Saskatoon are required when building, renovating or demolishing a residential/commercial building. They are also required for certain plumbing jobs. Did you know a permit is required when the plumbing system in your home is being changed or if you are installing solar panels? Before you commence your renovation work, even if it is minor, check to see if it requires a permit first.

Building permit reviews and inspections ensure the building and structure meet necessary safety requirements. They are administered under the regulations contained in the Building Bylaw, Swimming Pool Bylaw, Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and the National Building Code of Canada.

You will have to pay a fee for the permit. A building inspector will come and check the project at different stages of completion to ensure that it is built according to the plans submitted to the city, built to code and that it is safe – giving you peace of mind!

Sometimes contractors will get the permit for you but be sure to see a copy of the approved permit before work commences. The registered property owner is responsible for completed or partially completed work on their building.

To find out more about building permits from the City of Saskatoon, click here.


Myth: I don’t need a designer

For some renovations people think they don’t need a professional designer. However, having a professional draw up your plans will ensure that the aesthetical considerations for your renovation blend nicely with the structural requirements. In other words, you can ensure your ideas for the renovation are captured while still maintaining safety for you and your family.

Designers and architects can take your vision for the space and transform it to something contractors will clearly be able to understand. Having the drawings completed will make it easier and faster for your contractor to get the job completed.

When you’re ready to start looking for a contractor for your home renovation, post your project on Kijenga and we will connect you to certified contractors that have a strong reputation in Saskatoon. Kijenga contractors are certified with a valid business license, WCB insurance, liability insurance, GST number and a minimum of 4 recommendations from homeowners like you!


Creative Paint Ideas For Your Home in Saskatoon

A fresh coat or two of paint in the house can sure modernize the feel of your home. Next time you are getting your home repainted, consider boosting that feeling by adding a colour bomb or two! Here is a list of four ways you can use paint to revolutionize your home and we have the certified pros in Saskatoon to make it happen. 

Embellish the backsplash.
Can’t afford to put in a backsplash? Then just use paint! Try using a different (bright) colour rather than the neutral colour on the walls to make the kitchen pop. It’s simple but can really brighten up your room.


Another idea is to paint the current tile to give it a more modern feel.

Paint Your Ceiling
Often ignored, things are looking up in the world of ceilings. Sorry people but your stipple/popcorn ceiling is a thing of the past. The trend is now smooth like butter. So remove the stipple and re-paint. You can take this even further by adding decorative trim or a metallic paint to the ceiling.


Consider a statement wall
Whether in a bedroom or living room, a statement wall can transform a room. A statement wall can be one wall which has a different, bolder colour or a wall with an artsy feel to it. Professional painters can use different techniques to create these looks.


Unexpected Paint
White walls. Boring. When repainting your home you can add some flare with the simple addition of bright coloured paint colours in unexpected places. Areas such as door frame & door, archways, exposed beams or even baseboards that are painted with an accent colour can help make the room feel inviting, but not overpowering. See the below pictures for more examples:



When you’re ready to refresh your home and add some pop, post your painting job on Kijenga. We will hook you up with free quotes from certified painting contractors in Saskatoon and area. 


Choosing The Perfect Countertop For Your Kitchen

There are so many options for choosing a countertop. Not only do you select based on appearance but you should also consider your lifestyle as well. What can you afford, are you able to diligently care for the countertop, do you have littles that spill frequently? Different materials have different pros and cons and we are here to help clarify some items for you:


Butcher Block

Butcher Block countertops are formed from wood to create a beautiful natural countertop.


  • Handles cutting well and does a good job of hiding scratches
  • Varnished butcher block stain resistant
  • Oil-finished wood heat resistant


  • Stains hard to remove in oil-finished wood
  • Require periodic sealing, may require regular oiling



Concrete countertops are one of the newest types of countertop. Homeowners can choose various stamping and staining techniques to personalize their kitchen. A certified pro through Kijenga, Dan and Jacob at Old North Concreteworks here in Saskatoon are the experts when it comes to custom concrete countertops for your home. Post your project and we will introduce you. 


  • Custom formed
  • Durable and hard


  • Chips & scratches easily
  • Can form hairline cracks
  • Requires regular sealing:
    • Topical sealers protect stains but not heat
    • Penetrating sealers can not protect against stains but can heat



Granite is natural stone. It is ground and polished to take on a smooth surface. Because granite is natural each piece is unique. For an amazing selection in Saskatoon, visit Michelangelo Marble & Granite. 


  • Heat, cutting and scratching doesn’t harm granite
  • Natural stone for those looking for eco friendly option


  • Corners and edges can chip
  • Requires periodic resealing
  • Poor sealing can lead to staining and harboring of bacteria



Quartz is an engineered product. The majority of the composition is natural quartz with binder and color being added to create the countertop. Quartz comes in a variety of colour options for countertops.


  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t require sealing


  • Not as resistant to heat as some other options
  • Direct sunlight over extended period of time will cause fading
  • Among the most expensive options



Laminate contains particle board core with layers of plastic laminate on top. Laminate has the most extensive selection of colours and patterns.


  • Affordable
  • Large selection
  • Easy to clean


  • Scratches easily
  • Not as heat resistant as other options
  • Abrasives ruin appearance



A classic, elegant option for a countertop. Marble is natural and each piece is one-of-a-kind.


  • Stains removed easily if marble is sealed
  • Nicks and scratches can be polished out
  • Very heat resistant


  • Scratches and chips more easily than other countertops
  • Requires periodic resealing,otherwise may stain easily
  • Sensitive to acidic material
  • Expensive


In the end, you choose what options is best suited to your family. If you’re ready to move forward with your kitchen renovation, post your project for free at Kijenga and we will match you with certified and reputable contractors in Saskatoon! 




Hardie Board Siding – Facts & Pricing

Fiber cement siding, also known as Hardie Board siding was invented by James Hardie Building products. It is a combination of sand, plant fibers and cement. Although other companies manufacture it, it has become known to the masses as Hardie Board (similar to Kleenex is to tissue paper).

Fun Facts about Hardie Board:

  • Over 5 times thicker than vinyl
  • Noncombustible
  • Resists warping, sagging and melting
  • Resists the effects of moisture, insects and damage from mold
  • It’s heavy – 100 square feet of Hardie Board weighs 300 lbs compared to 60-70 lbs of vinyl


Hardie Board is generally more expensive than vinyl and less expensive than stucco and natural stone. You can expect material costs of $2.50-$3.00 per square foot and labour costs of $3-$4 per square foot. 

Hardie Board has been installed in over 8 million homes in North America – a number that continues to grow.  Hardie Board is increasing in popularity due to its durability (especially in the extreme Saskatchewan climate) and it’s beautiful, natural wood look. The product comes in a variety of textures, widths and colors to complement your style.

If you are looking to replace your current siding with Hardie Board, post your project at We will connect you with certified contractors!