2018 Renovation Guide


Major renovation projects are usually once-in-a-lifetime and should thus demand the same attention to detail and planning of a wedding. Start your renovation off on the right foot by downloading this renovation guide we put together just for you.

In planning a major overhaul to your home, you must plan out every detail while putting together a meticulous budget and anticipating the pros and cons of each decision you make. Once you have a plan, it’s all about the execution. We created a guide to help you through it all.

Our mission is to match homeowners with certified and reputable contractors for their home improvement projects and ensure a seamless renovation, from beginning to end. We strive to connect with the best contractors in Saskatoon and area.

Start your renovation project with Kijenga. Reading through this guide will ensure you live happily ever after in your new and improved home!


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  • Edith Walter

    Such insightful content to keep in mind. I like how you write your content, I also want the different drawers that make the kitchen organize and saves spaces. I enjoyed it a lot while reading this article and would recommend it to my friend in Boston who’s planning to have a kitchen remodeling Boston ma next month probably. Keep it up!

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