Creative Paint Ideas For Your Home in Saskatoon


A fresh coat or two of paint in the house can sure modernize the feel of your home. Next time you are getting your home repainted, consider boosting that feeling by adding a colour bomb or two! Here is a list of four ways you can use paint to revolutionize your home and we have the certified pros in Saskatoon to make it happen. 

Embellish the backsplash.
Can’t afford to put in a backsplash? Then just use paint! Try using a different (bright) colour rather than the neutral colour on the walls to make the kitchen pop. It’s simple but can really brighten up your room.


Another idea is to paint the current tile to give it a more modern feel.

Paint Your Ceiling
Often ignored, things are looking up in the world of ceilings. Sorry people but your stipple/popcorn ceiling is a thing of the past. The trend is now smooth like butter. So remove the stipple and re-paint. You can take this even further by adding decorative trim or a metallic paint to the ceiling.


Consider a statement wall
Whether in a bedroom or living room, a statement wall can transform a room. A statement wall can be one wall which has a different, bolder colour or a wall with an artsy feel to it. Professional painters can use different techniques to create these looks.


Unexpected Paint
White walls. Boring. When repainting your home you can add some flare with the simple addition of bright coloured paint colours in unexpected places. Areas such as door frame & door, archways, exposed beams or even baseboards that are painted with an accent colour can help make the room feel inviting, but not overpowering. See the below pictures for more examples:



When you’re ready to refresh your home and add some pop, post your painting job on Kijenga. We will hook you up with free quotes from certified painting contractors in Saskatoon and area. 


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