Top 3 Renovation Myths


Planning a home renovation project soon? Make sure you take a look at these 3 renovation myths before you do anything!


Myth: Buying my own materials will save me money

Sure, sometimes items you find on your own cost less, but getting materials through your contractor may end up saving you money in the end. One of the reasons is product defects. If you find a defect in a product you purchased after it’s been installed, you will be charged for the contractor to come and remove the defective product and install the replacement product. Contractors who purchase the materials themselves will come and replace it at no charge.

Contractors get preferred pricing with their suppliers – this can mean cost savings for you. It’s important to keep in mind that there may be a difference in quality of materials from what you find compared to a contractor’s supplier.

Consider your contractor an expert. A tiler, for example, is going to know which tile would work best for your needs and will know if the product is defective or not. If you want to ensure your work is done right and has warranty, consider having your contractor supply the major materials for your project!


Myth: I don’t need a permit for my minor renovation

Permits in Saskatoon are required when building, renovating or demolishing a residential/commercial building. They are also required for certain plumbing jobs. Did you know a permit is required when the plumbing system in your home is being changed or if you are installing solar panels? Before you commence your renovation work, even if it is minor, check to see if it requires a permit first.

Building permit reviews and inspections ensure the building and structure meet necessary safety requirements. They are administered under the regulations contained in the Building Bylaw, Swimming Pool Bylaw, Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and the National Building Code of Canada.

You will have to pay a fee for the permit. A building inspector will come and check the project at different stages of completion to ensure that it is built according to the plans submitted to the city, built to code and that it is safe – giving you peace of mind!

Sometimes contractors will get the permit for you but be sure to see a copy of the approved permit before work commences. The registered property owner is responsible for completed or partially completed work on their building.

To find out more about building permits from the City of Saskatoon, click here.


Myth: I don’t need a designer

For some renovations people think they don’t need a professional designer. However, having a professional draw up your plans will ensure that the aesthetical considerations for your renovation blend nicely with the structural requirements. In other words, you can ensure your ideas for the renovation are captured while still maintaining safety for you and your family.

Designers and architects can take your vision for the space and transform it to something contractors will clearly be able to understand. Having the drawings completed will make it easier and faster for your contractor to get the job completed.

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