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July 2018


Kijenga Makes Insurance Claims a Breeze in Saskatoon & Area

Summer days in Saskatchewan are filled with festivals, patio beers, camping and sun! We trudge through the long winters knowing the fun we’ll have once the snow melts. However, sometimes our hot summers can bring a thrash of unpredictable weather. With high temperatures and humidity, summers in Saskatchewan can bring another meaning to “Land of the Living Skies”.  Summer storms, just like the one that hit Saskatoon, Langham, Dalmeny and Osler last weekend are becoming more and more common. And with storms, can come hail or wind damage to your home.



It is important to always check for damage to your house after a storm. Key places to inspect are your roof, siding, windows, and rain gutters. Siding, windows and rain gutters are easy to notice damage as they are visible from the ground.  Unfortunately, where it’s harder to see, the roof is typically where hail makes the most damage. To look for damage you can check for:

  • Dents
  • Circular cracking
  • Missing granules

If you notice any of these, call your insurance company immediately and file an insurance claim with your broker.  Sometimes it is hard to notice damage, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Any damage from the storm left unfixed can lead to further exterior repairs, including a whole new roof. If you suspect you have damage, contact your insurance company.



Here are some tips for preventing wind and hail damage to your home:

  • Install impact-resistant windows and doors
  • Reinforce the garage door at weak points
  • Secure or store outdoor patio furniture, tools and toys
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and pruned from branches that could damage property



If you’re unsure of how your insurance works, now is a good time to contact your broker to get more information on what exactly you are covered for in the event of a severe wind and hail storm, and potentially update your policy.

If you are in an area that was hit by severe hail damage such as Dalmeny and Langham, visit and submit your project to get 3 free quotes for your insurance claim. Time is money and we make it super easy. We will connect you with certified contractors who have liability insurance, WCB insurance, business license and who come highly recommended from homeowners like you!

If you have family or friends needing quotes for an insurance claim, tell them to go to Kijenga and we’ll help them find the perfect contractor for their home!


Kijenga’s Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2018


Living in an 80’s oak wonderland and needing an update? Let our experts at Kijenga guide you through our top 5 kitchen trends for 2018.


1] Smart Kitchens

If you’re seriously into tech, consider getting a smart fridge for kitchen. New fridges from LG and Samsung have screens on their doors where you can download apps such as whiteboards, or recipes. The LG fridge screen can turn transparent to let you see inside without opening the doors. It also has a panoramic camera inside the fridge that you can access from your phone. Now you’ll know what you need to pick up on your way home from work in the Saskatoon rush hour. The Samsung fridge connects to your other smart home features so you can view your home cameras, doorbell and turn turn lights on and off… all from the fridge display!

Other Smart Kitchen features, which won’t cost as much include:

  • Motion sensored or one-touch faucets.
  • Kitchen lighting accessed from smartphone or tablet
  • Coffee makers programmable from your smartphone or tablet
  • Voice activated trash can



2] Practical Storage Solutions

No more piling things up! Kitchen cabinets can be custom built to include a variety of features which will optimize your storage. Some of these ideas include:

  • Pull out drawers for garbage and recycling
  • Spice rack pullouts
  • Custom wine rack
  • Custom drawer dividers
  • Vertical pull outs for baking sheets
  • Pot drawers
  • Pulldown or pull out shelves



3] Open Shelving

Floating shelves, especially around a window, can really open up a room. There are many positive features of this trend, including:

  • Inviting – guests know where your plates or glasses are without having to ask
  • Cleaning – typically people use open shelving for plates and cups which are used daily so dust concerns are limited
  • Light – By removing upper cabinets, the kitchen can appear brighter
  • Inexpensive – This option can be a lot more cost effective than cabinets
  • Test Run – Before committing, you can test run this feature by removing your cabinet doors for a few weeks



4] Appliance Styles

Stainless Steel appliances have been popular for awhile now. In 2018, matte black stainless steel is now the trendy colour choice for appliances. The sleek coloring matches a variety of kitchen styles and the softer look of black matte creates a more comfortable ambiance as kitchens become more part of the home’s living space.

Another popular feature in 2018 is smudge-proof finishes. Anyone with a child can appreciate a smudge-proof finish! Who wants to clean fridge smudges everyday? No one has time for that!



5] Island Ideas

Kitchen islands are growing larger and larger as open concept homes become the norm. The kitchen blends into the living space which allows for a larger kitchen island. Some of the other most popular trends include:

  • One level island – keep it one level to utilize for many different purposes and maintain clean lines
  • Pet Friendly – creating space for a pet centre, either a bed or feeding station
  • Waterfall Islands – keeping a contemporary look, the countertop extends to the sides of the island.
  • Two Toned – the island’s counter and cupboards do not need to match those of the main kitchen area



If you’re planning your Saskatoon kitchen renovation for 2018/2019 we encourage you to get creative with your renovation while jumping on board the hottest trends. Submit your kitchen renovation project to us at and let us connect you to our certified home pros!