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Creative Paint Ideas For Your Home in Saskatoon

A fresh coat or two of paint in the house can sure modernize the feel of your home. Next time you are getting your home repainted, consider boosting that feeling by adding a colour bomb or two! Here is a list of four ways you can use paint to revolutionize your home and we have the certified pros in Saskatoon to make it happen. 

Embellish the backsplash.
Can’t afford to put in a backsplash? Then just use paint! Try using a different (bright) colour rather than the neutral colour on the walls to make the kitchen pop. It’s simple but can really brighten up your room.


Another idea is to paint the current tile to give it a more modern feel.

Paint Your Ceiling
Often ignored, things are looking up in the world of ceilings. Sorry people but your stipple/popcorn ceiling is a thing of the past. The trend is now smooth like butter. So remove the stipple and re-paint. You can take this even further by adding decorative trim or a metallic paint to the ceiling.


Consider a statement wall
Whether in a bedroom or living room, a statement wall can transform a room. A statement wall can be one wall which has a different, bolder colour or a wall with an artsy feel to it. Professional painters can use different techniques to create these looks.


Unexpected Paint
White walls. Boring. When repainting your home you can add some flare with the simple addition of bright coloured paint colours in unexpected places. Areas such as door frame & door, archways, exposed beams or even baseboards that are painted with an accent colour can help make the room feel inviting, but not overpowering. See the below pictures for more examples:



When you’re ready to refresh your home and add some pop, post your painting job on Kijenga. We will hook you up with free quotes from certified painting contractors in Saskatoon and area. 


Choosing The Perfect Countertop For Your Kitchen

There are so many options for choosing a countertop. Not only do you select based on appearance but you should also consider your lifestyle as well. What can you afford, are you able to diligently care for the countertop, do you have littles that spill frequently? Different materials have different pros and cons and we are here to help clarify some items for you:


Butcher Block

Butcher Block countertops are formed from wood to create a beautiful natural countertop.


  • Handles cutting well and does a good job of hiding scratches
  • Varnished butcher block stain resistant
  • Oil-finished wood heat resistant


  • Stains hard to remove in oil-finished wood
  • Require periodic sealing, may require regular oiling



Concrete countertops are one of the newest types of countertop. Homeowners can choose various stamping and staining techniques to personalize their kitchen. A certified pro through Kijenga, Dan and Jacob at Old North Concreteworks here in Saskatoon are the experts when it comes to custom concrete countertops for your home. Post your project and we will introduce you. 


  • Custom formed
  • Durable and hard


  • Chips & scratches easily
  • Can form hairline cracks
  • Requires regular sealing:
    • Topical sealers protect stains but not heat
    • Penetrating sealers can not protect against stains but can heat



Granite is natural stone. It is ground and polished to take on a smooth surface. Because granite is natural each piece is unique. For an amazing selection in Saskatoon, visit Michelangelo Marble & Granite. 


  • Heat, cutting and scratching doesn’t harm granite
  • Natural stone for those looking for eco friendly option


  • Corners and edges can chip
  • Requires periodic resealing
  • Poor sealing can lead to staining and harboring of bacteria



Quartz is an engineered product. The majority of the composition is natural quartz with binder and color being added to create the countertop. Quartz comes in a variety of colour options for countertops.


  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t require sealing


  • Not as resistant to heat as some other options
  • Direct sunlight over extended period of time will cause fading
  • Among the most expensive options



Laminate contains particle board core with layers of plastic laminate on top. Laminate has the most extensive selection of colours and patterns.


  • Affordable
  • Large selection
  • Easy to clean


  • Scratches easily
  • Not as heat resistant as other options
  • Abrasives ruin appearance



A classic, elegant option for a countertop. Marble is natural and each piece is one-of-a-kind.


  • Stains removed easily if marble is sealed
  • Nicks and scratches can be polished out
  • Very heat resistant


  • Scratches and chips more easily than other countertops
  • Requires periodic resealing,otherwise may stain easily
  • Sensitive to acidic material
  • Expensive


In the end, you choose what options is best suited to your family. If you’re ready to move forward with your kitchen renovation, post your project for free at Kijenga and we will match you with certified and reputable contractors in Saskatoon! 



bathroom countertop

Choosing the Countertop That Is Right For You

With so many popular countertops to choose from for your kitchen or bathroom, weighing the pros and cons of each is recommended if you want to find the one that is right for your home in Saskatoon. Before you make your final decision, consider your preferences for aesthetics and function. Choose the best material for your space – and your budget!



It remains the top choice of most homeowners.  Traditional granite countertops offer a high-end look that adds to your kitchen’s value while providing a durable prep surface. Because granite is a natural material, variation in the stone’s pattern is common and, for most people, adds to its appeal but can make matching up slabs tricky. In Saskatoon, the cost of granite and quartz are comparable but natural granite requires a bit more care than manufactured quartz to keep its good looks — wipe up all stains quickly, especially oils, wine, acids and soda, and follow a regular sealing routine — typically once a year. Granite has a timeless appeal. It’s not only beautiful but it’s eco-friendly and durable. Granite resists heat very well and is not susceptible to scratches. It’s one of the number choices of designer kitchens and immediately adds value to any home.

On the downside, it’s one of the more expensive countertop material options. It’s also vulnerable to cracks and chips and because of its porous material it requires sealing every year.

If you’re looking for a granite countertop for your kitchen, check out Michelangelo Marble & Granite Co. in Saskatoon. They have a long history of outstanding quality and amazing customer service and they are a Kijenga Certified Pro!

granite countertop



If you want maintenance free, a quartz is a great option! It’s not that you don’t have to care for it but engineered quartz countertops are stain, acid, scratch, heat and impact resistant and, thanks to their non-porous surface, don’t need to be sealed like natural stone countertops. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to fit your space. Quartz typically ranks close in popularity to the perennial top choice of granite.

quartz countertop



Tile countertops are a great choice if you want an inexpensive material that’s easy to maintain. It’s simple to coordinate with or mix and match with different design styles. Best of all, if you’re handy, a tile kitchen countertop is a do-it-yourself project that you can tackle in a long weekend. You’ll find tiles in a variety of materials such as porcelain, glass or ceramic. They also come in an extensive range of colors and sizes, allowing you to design a truly unique countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. The problem with tile is that it does require some maintenance and care. Tiles can get easily scratched and tile grout gets dirty and stained, particularly if it’s white.

tile countertop kitchen



Do you have a specific shape in mind for your countertop? Concrete can be poured into any mold and your countertop can take any shape you want. Concrete countertops are highly customizable — you can choose any stain color and texture. Concrete mixes well with many different materials, such as glass, tile and marble to create a one-of-a-kind look. Aside from its eye-pleasing appearance, it is energy efficient — when the temperature in your home rises, concrete captures the heat and releases it when the temperature cools down. Concrete is becoming more and more popular inside your home. The biggest question homeowners ask themselves is “who is going to do this for me in Saskatoon?” Well, luckily for you, Old North Concreteworks specializes in concrete furniture and countertops and they’re based right here in Saskatoon. If you’re considering concrete in your home, give these guys a call or post your project today and we will hook you up!

concrete countertop


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the countertop of choice for an industrial style kitchen. It’s incredibly easy to clean with soap and water and tough on high temperatures. The most appealing characteristic of this material is its ability to inhibit bacterial buildup, making it the most hygienic countertop available. Unfortunately, stainless steel is susceptible to dents and scratches. And because of its material, handprints and smudges can be easily seen, requiring it to be constantly wiped down.

stainless steel countertop



Hardwood countertops give off a natural vibe to any kitchen, making it warm and welcoming. It’s an excellent way to bring in an earthy element into your home. You’ll have a lot of wood types to choose from such as maple, oak, birch, and cherry; to name a few. Many homeowners like the hardwood option for being so reasonably priced.

For a warm, cottage kitchen look, opt for butcher-block-style wood countertops. Both decorative and functional, this hardworking surface is ideal for food prep — properly sealed, wood countertops are sanitary even for chopping meat. Unlike other budget-friendly options, like laminate, wood is highly heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about putting hot pots and pans on the surface.

Hardwood countertops will require some care as they will stain. They’re also susceptible to scratches and dents. Expect to have to refinish your wood countertops after 10-20 years.



Marble Countertops

With timeless appeal, this stone gives any kitchen a decidedly high-end look and, although the cost is comparable to some granites, marble is porous so staining can be a problem. Regular sealing and special care with anything acidic to prevent etching will keep the creamy surface looking its best.

marble countertop



Laminate is easily one of the least expensive options for a countertop. It’s very easy to install and you can even install it over an existing laminate countertop. By far the most budget-friendly option, laminate countertops are enjoing a resurgence in popularity thanks to new patterns that resemble natural stone, wood or even quartz at a fraction of the cost. Retro, mid-century looks like the ubiquitous boomerang and bright, saturated colors are other trendy choices to consider.

The downside is that it damages easily. Your hot pans can melt the top layer and it is susceptible to scratches. It also doesn’t add much to the resale value of the house. However, if you’re on a tight budget, laminate is the way to go.

laminate kitchen countertop

glass tile backsplash kitchen

Add Drama To Your Kitchen With One-Of-A-Kind Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash is the area between the countertop of your kitchen and the wall behind the countertop. As trends in interior design change, newer materials are being used for kitchen backsplashes. Today, we will discuss some of the modern backsplash materials and also cover some useful tips that can help you select the right one.

Tips to select dramatic and one of a kind backsplash for your kitchen

  1. Start by taking a look at the kitchen’s existing features. The backsplash you select should not compete with the kitchen features-mainly the countertop and the cabinets. If you haven’t already, choose the countertop material and color first. This will determine the design and color of your backsplash. Naturally, if you plan on making your backsplash the focal point of the kitchen, then select it first and then install a suitable countertop to complement its color.
  2. Consider the scale of the patterns used. If you desire to make a big impact, then select large scale patterns for small areas. Do ensure that the chosen patterns also echo the hues, texture, size and colors of the remaining features of the kitchen such as your countertops, cabinets etc.
  3. Consider the area to be covered. The pattern of the backsplash will also depend on the size and shape of the area to be covered as well as the dimensions of the surrounding cabinets. For example, horizontal patterns are ideal for longer stretches of wall space while random bursts of patterns are ideal for covering textured and geometric grounds for creating a sense of visual order.

Materials in backsplashes

There is a wide range of materials to choose from today in kitchen backsplashes.

Laminates – You can order countertops with backsplashes fabricated in laminates that have a metallic look, wooden textured finish or even a multitude of colours and patterns to complement your cabinets and countertops.

Wallpaper and paint – If you are remodelling on a strict budget, then opt for low cost methods like wallpapering or painting the backsplash. The downside of these is that they stain easily and wear down a lot faster thanks to the humidity, water, grease and other elements typically found in a kitchen environment. As a result, you must spend greater efforts in cleaning and maintaining such backsplashes.

Tile backsplashes – These are the most popular types of backsplashes today and there is a tremendous variety in them as far as colours and patterns are concerned. Tile backsplashes are also very easy to clean.

Mosaic Backsplashes – Instead of a tile backsplash, you could go in for mosaic tiles in different shapes and create unique and colourful backsplash that is the focal point of the kitchen.

mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

Glass tile backsplashes – Glass tiles are a new trend in kitchen and bath backsplashes . Not only are these extremely beautiful; they are also sustainable since glass can be recycled and used over and over. There are also multitudes of styles and finishes available in glass tiles including matte and pearlescent and are an ideal option for the homeowners having a green mindset.

glass tile backsplash kitchen

Stainless steel backsplashes – This is easily the most durable material in kitchen backsplashes and is very easy to maintain and clean. Stainless steel backsplashes give a neat and tidy appearance to the kitchen and are the number one choice for commercial kitchen backsplashes. You would want to use special cleaners in order to keep your stainless steel backsplash looking like new.

stainless steel kitchen backsplash

Copper or tin backsplash – If you have done your kitchen up in an old-world, vintage or European theme, then copper or tin backsplash will be perfect for it. Copper and tin backsplashes are also available in wide range of colors and patterns and you can opt for stamped ones for a rustic and unique look.

copper kitchen backsplash

Slate or chalkboard backsplash – These are practical materials to use for in a backsplashes as they are very easy to clean and are readily available at your local hardware store. The only downside is the installation which takes a bit more work. You can even convert these slate or chalkboard backsplashes in a useful or functional area for writing down shopping lists or simply leaving messages or notes for your family members.

chalkboard kitchen backsplash

Customized backsplashes – These can give a funky and cool look to a kitchen and literally sky is the limit as far as their design ideas go. Choose from bottle caps, corks, cork tiles, mirrors, rocks and bricks. Virtually any material can be fashioned into a customized backsplash to give the kitchen a whole new dimension.

custom kitchen tile backsplash

We hope this brief guide helps you narrow down the otherwise vast field of kitchen backsplashes and choose one that is best suited to your setup.