How It Works

Kijenga is the smart way to get things done around your home.
We connect you with certified home professionals your neighbours love.

We’ll help you find the right pro for your home improvement project.

Four easy steps and we’ll handle what you want done, so you can do what you love!
Post a project.
It’s easy as pie.

Whether you’re needing a driveway, new shingles or renovating your kitchen, post your project on Kijenga by answering a few quick questions. We ask that you upload a few pictures as they truly are worth 1000 words. It only takes a couple minutes, we promise!

We match you with our pros.
Screened, certified and verified.

We ensure our pros offer fair pricing for quality work and outstanding customer service. All contractors are screened and must have liability insurance, WCB (if applicable), business license and references. We take your project and find the best match!

Hire your contractor.
We do the homework for you.

Once we have matched you up with a couple home professionals, they will arrange a time to provide an estimate. In the meantime, you can check out their past work and read their reviews. Once you have the estimates, make your hire!

Rate the experience.
We’re all about smiles.

You’re free to now work out a schedule, figure out a payment plan and rate and review the work of the pro once the project is complete. They’ll appreciate your feedback and it will help others find good home professionals. Your neighbours will thank you.

Oh, did we mention it was free? No Joke.

Posting and managing your projects with Kijenga is totally free. There is no free trial or hidden costs.
As a homeowner, you pay absolutely nothing!

100% free. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

We’re big on trust and safety.

Our Kijenga Pros go through an extensive screening process before they can join our community.
Liability Insurance
WCB Insurance
Business License
Verified References

Our guarantee to you

We’re committed to working with top rated contractors to provide homeowners with an outstanding home improvement experience. If you’re not happy with the quality of the work, we’ll make it right.
It's cliche but we're happy when you're happy
Every project posted to Kijenga comes with a $500 guarantee!
Our friendly team is here to help you around the clock