The Kijenga Guarantee

Kijenga is committed to working with the best professionals out there to provide homeowners with an outstanding home improvement experience every time. Our Kijenga Guarantee program is an extension of that promise. It states that if you’re not happy with the quality of the work, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.
What is the Kijenga Guarantee?

The Kijenga Guarantee is a promise that you will get a quality professional that will do quality work. Kijenga Guaranteed Professionals have been pre-screened by team Kijenga and meet our highest standards, so you can feel confident in working with them to complete your next home project.

What does it mean when a professional is backed by the Guarantee?

Kijenga provides a platform for all home professionals to showcase their work and their business as long as they have the proper certifications and credentials. Our Guaranteed Professionals have gone above and beyond, to show their commitment to quality.

As a homeowner, choosing a Guaranteed Professional on Kijenga gives you peace of mind. Kijenga backs the work of our Guaranteed Professionals, so if your job is not completed in a quality manner, we will work with you and the home professional to make it right. If resolution is unsuccessful, we will find another Guaranteed Professional to work with you and we will cover the original cost of the job up to $500.

How do I find a Guaranteed Professional on Kijenga?

Look for Guaranteed Professionals in when browsing around the profiles of those you have been matched with; they are the ones with the big blue checkmark icon on their profiles.

What does the Kijenga Guarantee cover?

The Kijenga Guarantee covers jobs that were not completed in a quality manner or instances where property was damaged as a direct result of the service.

Not sure if you’ve covered? Email us (

How do I make a claim?

To start a claim, simply call into our support team at 844-545-3642 and ask to make a claim regarding the work of one of our Guaranteed Professionals. Upon asking to make a claim, you will be connected to one of our Quality Guarantee specialists who will work with you to resolve the situation.

What happens after I make a claim?

After you make a claim, we contact the professional on your behalf to get your project back on track. If a resolution is unsuccessful, we will work with you and another Guaranteed Professional to finish the job and we will cover the expense, up to the original job cost or $500. Making it right is our promise and we work with you to get that done.

For complete details of the Kijenga Guarantee, visit Kijenga Guarantee terms.

We work hard to deliver the best referral experience to our customers, and we stand behind every project posted through Kijenga.