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Custom built for insurance, school boards, property managers, government agencies, municipalities, CBO's and more!
Insurance companies, financial institutions and property asset management firms utilize Handy Quotes Inc. and our network of contractors as part of various “direct repair” programs. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), we custom build vendor management programs with the goal of increasing efficiency, reducing the loss adjustment expense and creating a better experience for everyone involved.


For insurance claim assignments, our independent network of certified contractors provide mitigation and restoration services necessary to restore the insureds’ homes to pre-loss condition. We oversee each project from beginning to end, ensuring a seamless process along the way.


For organizations requiring a direct repair program, we utilize our proprietary matchmaking software to connect you with certified and verified contractors to complete the work. Time is money. We get it. Now you can get multiple quotes from reputable contractors with the click of a button!


All assignments are facilitated by Handy Quotes exceptional expertise, operational structure and a preferred list of product and material suppliers.

The impact of technology on insurance restoration work cannot be understated. The insurance industry as a whole faces fundamental changes brought on by these technological advances and the increased competition it fosters. Customers demand a more expedient and efficient claims handling process, and as a TPA, we play a valuable role in helping deliver a more reliable, accurate and efficient process between the carrier, contractor and insured.

How It Works

Handy Quotes Inc. is powered by an elite network of certified and verified contractors we’ve been building in Saskatchewan since 2012.


As a Third Party Administrator, we custom-build vendor management programs tailored to the needs of the insurance companies we serve. Every project through our pipeline is completed by a contractor verified by our team. Our rigorous process includes verifying liability insurance and GST number along with a WCB number and business license. Once certifications are verified and references are checked, each contractor member must pass an interview process where we only onboard contractors and business owners that share the same values. These are contractors we would personally recommend to our own family and friends and that says a lot! Additional requirements can include background checks, criminal record checks of all employees, and financial stability of the company.


We use our technology to drive efficiency but it’s the service we provide directly to our clients that is at the core of what we do. To deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, we empower a team of dedicated support staff.


On-Site Regional Managers

Strategically located across Saskatchewan, this team is dedicated to managing and resolving any project-related issues. An ORM is the project lead, and supports contractors, visits job sites, and helps mediate any issues that might arise.



Project Coordinators

The first point of contact for a policyholder with an insurance claim. A Project Coordinator monitors the timeliness of work orders, provides technical troubleshooting, and regularly communicates with the On-Site Regional Managers.

A custom solution to insurance claim management

We centralize the claims handling process and use our proprietary matchmaking technology to deliver a seamless solution to the biggest pain points in the home insurance industry. We work one-on-one with insurance companies across Canada to create a tailored vendor management program and set standard guidelines. Everything we do is to reduce the loss adjustment expense.

We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. We do things your way.